Eco-Friendly Living in the heart of texas

Imagine the power of combining economic development (jobs and capital investment), experiential education (workforce training and tourism), community (housing), and abundant, healthy water, energy, soil, and food.

Delishs is developing hundreds of acres of farm-to-table living and learning, featuring:

Renewable energy - 80 megawatts of utility-scale solar

Sustainable water - 100+ million gallons of pure humidity and rain for drinking and orchard irrigation

Healthier food - 300 acres of organically grown pick-your-own fruits and vegetables, and

Healthier homes (ready to move to an upscale agrihood?)

                                                              Delishs Rain

100% premium rainwater harvested and bottled in Texas

Here's how you can help us develop two 400-acre Delishs Farms ...

Simply order a case (24 half liter bottles) of Delishs Rain for only $40 per case (that's $1.67 per bottle). For more information or bulk order pricing, call us at 855-335-4747 (855-DELISHS)


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